Hello there, my name is Mark and I have been the face behind this blog or website. I like writing about property investing.

I started out as a beginner just like you and had nearly zilch success in my investments. The fact is, my initial couple of real estate property purchases were a total failure. I lost even more than I gained. However, I didn’t apprehend most of the tips I’m at present discussing on this website, therefore the lack of success was expected from a holistic stance.

After dabbling in the properties investment landscape for the first time without any good results, I resolved to be successful. I eventually became determined to not ever give up regardless of the level of the obstacles I encountered. I chose to try yet again but this time seriously, and strive once again I actually did.

Now here comes the most exciting part. I gained phenomenal success after delving into the property investment world to gain all the knowledge I needed to pull off something considerable. I started earning big time, all because of that resolve to not simply acquire the essential information I needed, but additionally to succeed. My initial failure also played a crucial role in my financial success. It was a learning experience for me.

Whenever I’m not here posting, I’m most of the time participating in meetings, conferences, and heading programmes. Any time I’m indoors, I spend time with my spouse and children. We are one big joyful family.

The intent behind this website is to share my knowledge so that you can benefit from my 5-year experience totally free